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Falkirk Town Steeple

The Town Steeple, arguably more than any other built heritage structure, symbolises Falkirk, the town, the area and it’s people in its widest social, cultural, and economic sense of pride and belonging. The building was erected by a local mason, Henry Taylor, and completed in 1814 at a contract price of £1660. The current Steeple, situated…

Shopfront Improvement Scheme

The Traditional Shopfront Improvement Scheme is an important part of Falkirk THI.  The grant investment aims to help make Falkirk town centre a more attractive place to live, work and visit through improving the appearance of shop fronts in the area by restoring them to their original design and detail. The THI is able to…
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Building Repair Grant Scheme

The Building Repair grant scheme is an important part of Falkirk Townscape Heritage Initiative. It aims to preserve and enhance the appearance of Falkirk Town Centre through repairing and maintaining buildings and features that give the area its special architectural character and sense of place. The THI is able to offer grant funding for up…
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Public Realm

Improving the Public Realm in the Town Centre is an important aspect of the Falkirk THI. Because people are attracted to and enjoy living, working and visiting historic, locally distinctive and well-kept places, the THI aims to improve the economic and social success of Falkirk Town Centre by creating a high-quality urban environment where people…
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Training Opportunities

Alongside all of the physical regeneration work that will take place through the THI, there will also be a number of training and work opportunities linked to the conservation of traditional buildings. These will include: Training placements for local young people, working with successful building contractors; Traditional building skills workshops and courses, aimed at up-skilling…
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Picturing Our Steeple Art Project

2014 is the Bicentenary of our town Steeple. This project is an opportunity for local schools to have fun learning about Falkirk Steeple – when it was built, how is has been used and why it is an important building in the town. Primary 6 or 7 pupils will work with artist Susheila Jamieson investigating…